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Hippocampus LearningCentres (HLC), is an organization with a vision to provide children and youth from low-income rural communities with high-quality prospects enabling them to make the most of their power of choice. HLC works in the field of education offering opportunities through its Full School Programme, EnglishSTAR Programme, Training Academy and its own Pre-School Programme which is run in its own establishments and in existing private schools.


Creating Learning Opportunities, programmes and materials for children and youth in rural India enabling power of choice, and to support rural districts identified by the Government of India.


Umesh Malhotra

(Co-Founder & CEO)

A graduate of one of India’s leading engineering institutes, IIT Madras, Umesh began his career in Infosys and then went on to create and sell an IT company. A serial entrepreneur whose experiences range from IT services and restaurants to social enterprises, he was elected for the Ashoka Fellowship in 2008 for his work with Hippocampus Reading Foundation on democratizing reading.

Aniruddha Patil

(Senior Investment Specialist, Asian Developmental Bank)

In addition to his primary responsibilities of developing and structuring ADB's clean energy investments, Aniruddha also focuses on early-stage venture capital investments. Prior to ADB, he worked with the infrastructure investment banking team at Macquarie and as a strategy consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. He holds a master's degree in Public Administration and International Development from Harvard University, a master's degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

Rajiv Kuchhal

(Angel Investor)

An active mentor for social enterprises, Rajiv’s investments include DesiCrew, Ipomo and Maya Organic, amongst others. He was previously the COO of OnMobile, India’s largest mobile services firm and was a key member of the IPO team. He was also the COO of the Infosys BPO and one of the founding employees of the company. He joined Infosys in 1989 and was the youngest employee, nominated to be a part of the management council. He is a graduate of IIT Delhi, 1986.

Srikanth Iyer

(Venture Partner, Unitus Seed Fund)

Srikanth leads Unitus Seed Fund’s national efforts to invest in the best education companies that are serving the low-income population, in a scalable manner. He was previously the CEO of Pearson India. A seasoned IT entrepreneur with over 21 years of experience, he co-founded Edurite Technologies in 2000. Erudite went on to become a leading e-content provider in the education space. He holds a post-graduate diploma in Software Engineering from Harvard University (DCE) and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore University, India.

Unitus Seed Fund
Unitus Seed Fund’s national efforts are to invest in the best education companies, that are serving the low-income population in a scalable manner. They make seed-stage venture investments in startups, that aim to serve the BPO population of India.
Khosla Impact
Run by people who listen to, analyze and advise entrepreneurs. Khosla Impact manages a main fund that supports early and latestage investments and a seedfund for developing very early-stage experiments.
Asian Development Bank
Asian Development Bank (ADB) focuses on early-stage venture capital investments. ADB targets investments in partnership with developing member countries and other stakeholders, to alleviate poverty and help create a world in which everyone can share in the benefits of sustained and inclusive growth.
Asha for Education
Asha for Education aims to catalyze socio-economic change in India, through the education of under-privileged children.
2010 :
HLC piloted with 7 centres to test the capacity of parents and their capacity to pay
2011 :
HLC launched its first set of Pre-School Centres. 18 Pre-School Centres and 24 After-School Centres were launched, reaching out to 700 children.
2012 :
HLC launched 78 centres. The number of children addressed reached to 3000 children. The project got institutional recognition when it raised Series-A funding from Acumen Fund, Lok Capital and Unitus Seed Fund.
2013 :
HLC operated in 104 centres in the 2 districts of Karnataka- Davangere and Mandya. 2 private schools also signed up, as learning partners.
2014 :
HLC operated in 128 centres, in 3 districts of Karnataka namely- Davangere, Mandya and Shimoga. HLC also signed up with 10 private schools as learning partners.
2015 :
HLC implemented the Pre-School Programme in 213 centres, in 10 districts of Karnataka. 50 schools also signed up as partners, from which 8 belonged to 1 district in Maharashtra.
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Senior HR executive –
Recruitment and HR operations
Executive –
Program Co-ordinator cum Executive Assistant
Consultant –
Content writing
Trainer –
English Star

#227, 6th cross, S.T. Bed Layout, Kormangala, 4th Block, Bangalore- 560034

Phone number: 080 40949498

Helpline Number: +91 8088920322


HLC’s vision is to create learning opportunities for children and youth in rural India, thereby enabling their power of choice.

HLC’s target is to educate more preschoolers than the entire country of Finland by 2020. By demonstrating improved learning judged at the scale of a European country, HLC aims to help shape policies and markets around early childhood education in emerging economies around the world.

The foundation of the programme is to create age-appropriate activities and experiences, towards the holistic development of the child. This 3-year program, targets children between the ages of 2 ½ and 6 years. It is designed to be economically viable for the population it serves and is suited to the cultural context of the child.
At the end of the programme, over 85% of its graduates are able to read and write simple sentences in English and Kannada (the local language), and perform single-digit mathematical operations.
learning impact
Using international standards for Early Childhood Education (ECE), a learning trajectory has been developed for the children, with specific learning outcomes for every month. Learning outcomes have been articulated for English, Kannada, numeracy, physical and motor development, language development, cognitive development, socio-emotional development and creative expression.
80% children can answer questions in Kannada, about environmental concepts.
92% children can perform, addition and subtraction.
96% children can speak 3-4 sentences in English, about a specified topic.
94% children can read, a simple Kannada sentence.
87% children can read, a simple English sentence.

Nayana Guru English School - Suratkal

Sri Ramakrishna Primary School

Sri Gujarathi School


Anikethana School

Gnanodaya School - Sosale

Happy House Nursery & Saraswati Vidya Mandir - Nanjanagud

Talent School - Hanasur


Holy Crescent English School

Cambridge Public School – Channapatna

CNS Model English School – Donakuppe

Little Hearts Elementary School – Kanakapura

DKS Hippocampus – Kodihalli

Hippocampus School - Hunsanhalli

Adarsha Vidya Mandir - Hukunda

Jet School – Kanakapura


Rotary Education Society

Poornima English School – SR Patna

Cambridge English  School – SR Patna

Sharadha School – SR Patna

Mandya Education Society

Rishi Shree Vidya Nikethan Vidya Samsthe – Nagamang

Cambridge English School – KR Pete

Cambridge English School – Kikkeri

Athreya Public School

Good Shephard School – Halagur

The Capital School – Pandavapura

Jnana Gangothri Public School – KM Doddi

Navoyada Public School – Neligeri


Hosur Shivaiah Educational Trust – Hosur


MNS Continental School

New St.Joseph Public Shool

KSS English Medium School – Saraswati Nagar


Akshara Public School

Jnanasagara Central School

SKN English School

VinobaVidyalaya – Vinobanagar


Amma Public School


Nirmala Convent (English Medium)

Genda Singh Thakur Public School (English Medium)

Nirmala Primary (Hindi Medium)


• Empowering students to recognize and optimize their full potential,

• To achieve personal standards of excellence in academic as well as non-academic areas, through self-learning.

• To prepare students for an interdependent world, by focusing more on values through theme based learning.

• Respect, responsibility and cooperation are the cornerstones of the programme.

The vision of the Primary Schools Programme is to transform schools in rural India, so as to deliver quality education at an affordable cost. HLC launched the Full School programme in 2014. We create partnerships with private schools in rural areas that enable them to become top schools in their area.

Hippocampus helps partner schools achieve:

3x increase in child enrollment in 3 years | ‘School of choice’ status in the district | Capable and motivated teacher | Reduced teacher attrition High level of student learning | High parent satisfaction | Operational efficiency | Accreditation readiness

HLC provides the trustees of the school with a holistic school management service. Our intervention involves all areas of school operations and teaching learning process. Our areas of engagement are:

Increased enrollment | Successful students | Motived teachers | Operational quality standards

HLC ensures that our partner schools have best Class Curriculum and Teaching:

Adoption of the CBSE pattern | Resources and teaching tools | English capacity of children and teachers Differential learning strategies | Holistic development of the child
Parents speak
  • Sakappa
    father of Sandeep H.C
    Good learning and good teaching. It is a very beautiful school. Teaching skills are good. Trainers are very good at teaching. Teachers seem very happy.
    father of Ganesh T.R. (Junior)
    My son is learning many things and doing all his homework.
  • Kotresh
    (Runs a small business),
    Father of Manikanth N. (Junior HOO)
    Method of teaching and the learning process is very good. I like the method of teaching through games. The annual school annual day was conducted nicely. I am proud that our child is learning in this school.
    Manjunath H
    (A Labourer),
    Father of Chandana M. (Junior HOO)
    Teachers are very professional. My daughter is weak in learning as well as games, but she is improving. I like this school very much. And would like to continue my daughter’s studies in this school.
  • Chandrappa
    Father of Kiran H.C.(L.K.G.)
    This is a good school. Teachers and teaching materials are very good. The centers are very beautiful and teachers are also well trained. I have good opinions about the school.
    Father of Sanika B.R. (Senior HOO)
    Good school. Our daughter has studied three years in this school. She has gained excellent knowledge. We are proud that our daughter studied here. The teachers are very friendly with students and their parents. We have a very good relationship with them. We love the school.
  • Y. Raju
    Father of Y. Yashaswini
    Hippocampus learning centres are very good. Starting 1st and 2nd standard is a good option, so I can continue of child’s education.
    Father of Nikhitha Y (Beginner)
    Our child is learning satisfactorily. Training given to the teachers is very good. Our daughter is learning very well.
  • Mallikarjun
    Father of Prakruthi Y.M. (Beginner)
    Hippocampus learning centres are very good. Starting 1st and 2nd standard is a good option, so I can continue of child’s education.
    Father of Nagashree (Beginner)
    Our daughter was not speaking properly. But ever since she started talking to other children in the school, she is speaking very well.
  • Nagappa
    Father of Varshini K. (Beginner)
    Our child discusses with us all that she learnt in school.
    Father of Keerthana (LKG)
    We are happy to say that my daughter has improved. Her learning capacity has improved and her confidence levels have increased also improved after joining. She tries to talk in English at home also. We are really thankful to the authorities of this School.
  • Deepa H.R.
    Mother of Nithin Rj Y.S. (LKG)
    This is the best and good school in our village. We want our child to continue in this school. My child is very happy, so we don’t want to leave this school. The teachers are very supportive. Thank you for giving us such a lovely school.
    (Runs a small business),
    Father of Amrutha M. (UKG)
    This centre is providing a good foundation to children. Providing an outdoor playground is a good option. Continuing with 1st standard will be beneficial.
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Kodihalli – DKS Hippocampus

Sri Shanthi Niketan Vidya Mandir


The aim of this programme is to guide early English readers on the path to self-learning through extensive exposure to reading, vocabulary building, listening and speaking. This approach helps children transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Using HLC’s unique reading levels,
GROW (Green, Red, Orange and White) tracks each child’s individual progress in the classroom. Starting from green, the levels increase in complexity and amount of text. There are currently 35 installations including HLC centres, private and government schools and NGOs. 1, 748 children used the programme, between 2014-2015. The projection for 2015-2016, is to work with more than 3000 children.
First, the children are put through a pre-programme called EnglishSTAR Phonics.
• It is intended for children assessed at the pre-green level.
• It is a one year programme, divided up into two terms. Each term is 15 weeks long, and each week is the equivalent of 200 minutes of teaching time.
• At the end of the programme, students:
- Use phonics to read.
- Identify and use high-frequency sight words and phrases.
- Regularly practice reading, from story cards and books.
- Can read simple sentences at the Green Level.
After completing the EnglishSTAR Phonics programme, students are eligible for the more advanced EnglishSTAR programme.
• This programme is for children assessed at the Green Level and above.
• It is a two year programme, divided up into four terms. Each term is 15 weeks long and each week is the equivalent of 240 minutes of teaching time.
• It teaches children to read, speak and comprehend English using the Listening-Speaking- Reading method:
- Listening: through pre-recorded books, stories and poems.
- Speaking: through specially designed conversational English activities.
- Reading: through level appropriate books and dictionary activities.
learning impact
Under EnglishSTAR phonics:
85% of children, could recognize the alphabet.
The number of 3-5 letter words recognized by children, doubled.
70% of children, could read at a Green or simple sentence level.
after completing the englishstar phonics programme, students are eligible for the more advanced englishstar programme.
Under EnglishStar :
  • Children’s reading time of a given passage reduced, from 124 seconds to 38 seconds.
  • The number of comprehension questions that children could answer, doubled.
  • The number of words recognized by the teacher, doubled.
  • Reading levels, went up by 40%.
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Ashwini Charitable Trust


Birur – Lalitha Sudha Vidyasamsthe

Janapura – Florence English Primary School

Tarikere - National English Higher Primary School


Hosur Shivaiah Educational Trust


Nanjangud – Shashwath Vidya Mandir - Nanjangud

Siddhrama Hund - Shashwath Vidya Mandir School


Blue Dots


Hippocampus envisions to train its teachers to confidently deliver pre-primary content in English. Our teachers are from rural and semi-rural Tier 2 and 3 towns in India, with limited or no English speaking abilities.

We envision that our teachers will be more confident in executing content and in turn will be able to effectively use English in the classroom. This will lead to our children developing early language skills. The values that the teachers buildare confidence, ownership and collaboration.

At HLC, we always consider teachers are the pillars of our organisation and thus we place immense emphasis on supporting and building capacity in these teachers by conducting regular trainings and classroom observations.
A teacher is trained to be a facilitator and goes through 20 – 24 days of training through the year. There are two broad categories of training: Pre-Service Training and In-Service Training.
Our Pre-Service Training puts our novice teacher/facilitator through a demanding 15 day training where she is introduced to concepts like early childhood education, child behaviour, classroom management techniques, stakeholder investment, resource management, helper engagement etc.
Our In-Service Trainings are regular interventions imparting detailed curriculum and classroom management techniques as the year progresses.
learning impact
The content is contextualized and engaging. All assessments, conducted at regular intervals, are aligned with the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference). Teachers are from rural and semi-rural, tier 2 and 3 towns in India, with limited or no English speaking abilities. The vision is for teachers to become confident vehicles of content and therefore be able to effectively use English in the classroom. The values that the teachers build are confidence, ownership and collaboration. This will help to foster the early language development skills in the students.

All of our partners are aligned with us in our core belief that education is the path to social transformation. Their support both financial and advisory have been critical to our success to scale in record time. We are always open to exploring new partnerships.

Preschool Franchisee

India's Largest rural preschool chain

2.5 Lakh Investment 200+ schools 11000+ students

Why Hippocampus?

What We offer

Franchisee Enquiry

  • Largest rural network for Pre-schools in India
  • Investment in the range of 2.5 to 3 Lakh
  • Child-centric structured curriculum and pedagogy
  • Well-demonstrated learning outcomes
  • Affordable pricing for rural middle class
  • Higly Scalable and profitable
  • Credible team and respected Investors

  • Hippocampus brand
  • Standard Operating Procedure to set up and run the center
  • Detailed curriculum and relevant materials
  • Training and Mentoring - For teachers and partner
  • Learning Management support-audits, mentoring
  • Software support- for operations and learning management
  • Teacher Recruitement and child enrolement support
  • Teacher conferences and awards
  • Opportunity to earn return on captial through a tested business model

Fill this form to recieve a call back from us
Primary Schools Partner


Expertise in running the largest rural network of Pre-schools in India | Extending high quality, affordable education to schools in rural India
Focus on excellence to transform schools | Best in class, child-centric curriculum and pedagogy in local context
Proven academic success and holistic development of students | Focus on sustained growth and success of our Partner schools
Strong focus on developing English language skills among students and teachers | Expert team and respected investors

Roles and Responsibilities in the School Management Partnership


  • Visit to your school by HLC personnel to discuss the potential for a partnership.
  • Sign up for HLC Management Partnership.
Partner With Us Innovation & Research
HLC constantly endeavors to innovate. With our products and implementation techniques evolving to meet new challenges and geographies, there is an innate need to innovate. For these innovations to help the education community and to contribute to the body of literature in education, HLC is more than willing to partner with research organizations.

If you are interested, for further information please contact +918970664444

How can you help us?

At HLC, we strive to deliver quality services at an affordable cost and our biggest challenge is to meet this while reaching out and enrolling as many children from rural backgrounds as we can. To help us realize our goals, we are happy to receive your support/donation.

You can support us in a various ways. Please contact for more details and information.
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